From: Wisconsin

Connie McHugh has been teaching Tennis for 35 years.

She is USTPTA pro certified since 1986, Serving on the USTPTA New England Board and coach of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High school girls team, who have been conference champions each year.

Inspired By: “Tennis is a life time sport for all ages and abilities. It’s fabulous that my job includes playing everyday.”

Offerings: Private instruction, clinics, Summer camps, Vineyard Tennis Escape.

“I had not played tennis in 20 years and had low expectations. Connie is one of the best coaches. She tries one approach and if I it don’t get it,  she tries another.  I’m a tennis player again!”
Catherine Samuels

“Passion! That’s what I look for in an instructor. Connie has it. For teaching the game, playing the game, watching the game. Combine that with her eagle eye, extreme likeability, and lots of  patience….you can’t lose.”
Jo Maxwell,
Owner Chesca’s Restaurant

“Connie is always a pleasure to be with on court. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand, implement, and execute.”
Samantha Potter,
Martha’s Vineyard High School Girls Tennis Team.